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The truth is having professional duct cleaning services in Ottawa is not just a treat for your home; not only could it help you keep your home safe and healthy, but it could lower the cost of your energy bills and keep your furnace running longer. That’s why the owners of Clean Ducts Ottawa have the specialized skills and take great pride when it comes to duct cleaning; we can clean, virtually, any extensive heating system. The best news is that we offer our quality duct cleaning services throughout Ottawa, Almonte, Carleton Place, Carp, Stittsville, Kanata, Nepean, Barrhaven, Manotick, Perth and Smiths Falls. Contact the experts today! One of the main reasons why many Ottawa homeowners will stay away from having a residential air duct cleaning the fear of getting scammed or ripped off, from fraudulent duct cleaning companies. you should read what NADCA said about the benefits of having HVAC duct cleaning.

In fact, here are some reasons why you may need to hire Clean Ducts Ottawa for a professional and reliable duct cleaning:

  • You have had professional renovations performed in your home (dust, particles, and other debris build up over the course of a renovation).
  • There has been construction or roadwork done near your home (Ottawa has alot of it).
  • Any members of your household suffer from allergies or respiratory problems.
  • Your HVAC system is older and not as advanced and you would like to improve the airflow through your duct system.
  • You have an older home and you have not had a professional air duct cleaning in Ottawa for a while.
  • You have just moved into a new home and you want a professional cleaning business to clean out all of the dirt, dust, and debris.
  • If you are getting ready to sell your home, it can make it more attractive to potential buyers.


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Your Professional Ottawa Duct Cleaning 

There are dozens of professional advanced duct cleaning companies that you can call for air duct cleaning services throughout Ottawa, so why work with us for your duct needs? We could direct you to our competitive prices, a free estimate, or the fact that we use a custom made and one of the most advanced pieces of duct equipment in the industry. We also use advanced cleaning agents, and have friendly and devoted staff. If we have not convinced you, let our knowledge win you over by watching this interview with Matt, the owner of clean ducts Ottawa. You can also read more information on indoor air cleaning at

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Your heating and cooling system is one of the most important and advanced systems in your house;  even if you don’t choose us for a cleaning, you should research and make a list of the 3 top air duct cleaning companies and contact them. You should have your ducts cleaned every 3 to 5 years, which will help reduce the indoor pollutants that accumulate in your duct system. Like it or not, in Canada, we have many cold months of the year where we tend to stay inside a lot…make sure your indoor air helps your breathe easily, being free of excess pollutants.

HVAC system cleaning is very important for your duct system

The way your duct system works is that there is a heat side which delivers the warm air in the winter or the cool air in the summer.  You also have return air ducts which brings the used air to the furnace which is recycled into your system, it is really that simple. It is a counter-clockwise movement of air being pushed and pulled throughout your duct system.

The function of the return air side makes having a professional and reliable air duct cleaning services so necessary, as the heavy air pulled back into your duct system brings along dust, skin cells, hair, pet dander, and any other debris; over time this accumulates just as snow accumulates over the winter. A normal home can collect on average 40 pounds of dust each year! We make great attempts to let our customers know the benefit of a good cleaning.

Clean Ducts Ottawa Air Duct Cleaning Residential Service Packages

clean ducts ottawa Package 1

1900 sq.ft. home. Price $250 It could take up 2 to 3 hours for us to complete the job. If you require dryer vent cleaning, it is an extra $70.

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clean ducts ottawa Package 2

2000-2500 sq.ft. home. Price $375 It could take 4 to 5 hours for us to complete the job. If you require dryer vent cleaning, it is an extra $70.

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clean ducts ottawa Package 3

3000-3500 sq.ft. home. Price $500. Please allow between 4 and 5 hours for us to complete the job. If you require dryer vent cleaning, it is an extra $70.

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The proper cleaning and maintenance of your Furnace (HVAC) system is a great idea to help protect your investment, your house, in Ottawa. The cheapest way to greatly improve the air quality is replacing your filters; just doing this simple task can help a lot, by using high-quality cleaning products to help improve your indoor air for you and your family. We are ready to answer any questions you may have about our services or to book appointments. Even if you have advanced air quality questions, one of our professional staff members is ready to help.